A : I'm from Turkey , and live in ANKARA

A : Yes, our courses are paid.

A : We only offer one-person lessons.

A : You can take weekly or monthly lessons of 2, 4, 8, 12 and 15 hours.

A : Our hourly lesson fee is 10 USD. ( update 20.03.2023 )

A : Yes, all our classes are held online.

A : Lessons are held via Zoom.

A : You can download it from from Apple Store or Google Store.

A : Our lessons are 60 minutes

A : Yes, when you determine your level of training, the appropriate book is sent to you as a pdf.

A : I recommend 2 days a week, one hour each.

A : You can send money to the Credit Card , IBAN number via EFT or Wise.

A : No, you must be exposed to the language to be able to speak Turkish fluently. No one can teach you Turkish by speaking English

A : We have classes every day of the week.

A : Yes, our instagram page @TurkishLanguageSchool

A : Yes, we are a commercial enterprise. We issue invoices for your transactions.

A : Yes, we provide course participation certificates to participants.

A : No, government agencies do not. In this course, you prepare for the TYS (Turkish Proficiency Exam) exam. There are exams every 3 months, you can take these exams.

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